Blessing the Pets – 5782 (2021)


(Mark Kastel’s cat Kovu and kitten Pippin – his family in La Farge, WI.)

Blessing of the Pets is a new tradition for CSOA, which we introduced this year on Sunday, October 3 in the Sukkah area at CSOA.

This blessing is in honor of the Torah portions of Breisheet and Noach, when the animals are created, and Adam and Eve are given dominion over them.

Noah later saves all animal species from the Flood.

Our pets are a presence in our homes and in our hearts, companions in times of joy, and a comfort in times of pain. Pets are so much a part of our lives that we would not be the same without them.

Rabbi Brian offered a blessing to all the animals that have been a blessing to us.

People brought their pets. We were able to give individual blessings – in person and online – to:

·     Scout and Maker, dogs in the family of David and Stephanie Neuman.

·     Lyla, the companion of Bruce and Wendy Schaeffer.

·     Evie, companion of Rabbi Brian Denker.

·     Charlie, Michelle Hockersmith’s companion.

·     Hendrix, of Jennie and Adam Edelstein’s family.

·     Colitas, member of the Allison and Josh Troppe family.

·     Buddy, Francis and Penelope, companions of Aimee Kizior.

·     Lily, loving member of the Jennifer and Daniel Short family.

–      Mark Kastel’s cat Kovu and kitten Pippin – his family in La Farge, WI. (pictured above)

·     And Balto, Karen Sherman’s dear companion.

Thank you all for loving your pets and sharing that love with us!