Chosen Towns

Chosen  Towns – PBS  Wisconsin

Tonight – Wednesday, March 31, 2021  7:00 PM

Friends,  we  will watch this  DVD  together  at 7 PM, followed by a lively  discussion. (It’s not available  anywhere for  streaming)

Bring your own macaroons!

Click Here to Watch the Movie with us tonight at  7 PM 

Chosen Towns is a documentary about the  small  Jewish  communities  of Wisconsin.    Among  many  others, the film includes  our shul, as well as Congregation Beth El  of Sheboygan, where Rabbi Brian was the spiritual  leader for five years in the early  2000s.  We also  see  the  Felix family of Viroqua, and  their family  store Felix’s, representing many decades  of  Jewish life  in that  town.   There  are also some surprises!  Join  us!