The Conversion Process






Becoming a Jew

Here at CSOA, we have a process for helping you consider pursuing life as a Jew By Choice.  It starts with an interview:  What is your motivation for thinking about becoming a Jew?  What attracts you to Judaism?  Is your family supportive?  What other concerns are there?

We also want to make sure you know what it means to live as a Jew:

  • Adopt a Hebrew name to use in Aliyot and other mitzvot.
  • Live a moral and ethical life, as an example to others.
  • Attend services regularly
  • Become a member of this or another congregation
  • Be active in the Jewish community
  • Observe Shabbat and other holidays
  • Support and visit Israel
  • Tikkun Olam – social action and giving tzedakah
  • Engage in regular Jewish study
  • Raise children as Jews
  • Use kippah, tallit, tefillin, mezuzah, shofar, etrog, lulav, chanukiyah